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Free Hosting For Your Website
Want To Put A Few Hundred Bucks Back Into Your Pocket?
Black Bear Design is a web design, graphic design and digital marketing agency in the heart of Chamblee.  We are so excited to be a new part of the Chamblee business family, that we are giving away free hosting*.  If you are a small business with a marketing/brochure website, and want to save a few hundred bucks a year, let us host it for free.  Contact us and mention you are a Chamblee Chamber member.

We also have lot's of free tools to check your local marketing and website.

* Yes, there is an astrick, there is always an astrick.  If you have a large corporate site, or ecommerce site, we can't do that for free.  Also, if the technology your site uses doesn't work on our server, we can't do that at all. 
Contact Information
phone: 678-534-1143
Chamblee Chamber of Commerce